Nantes Park

Nantes Skatepark, Appledene Road, Silvertown, Cape Town 7764, South Africa
8 Appledene Road Cape Town Western Cape 7764 ZA

Address: Appledene Road, Bridgetown, Athlone
Opening hours: Every day from sunrise to sunset
Size: 17 hectares
Entrance: Free

Nantes Park is a lush, large public open space situated in Athlone, Cape Town. The 17-hectare park is ideal for picnics, leisurely walks, playing sport, skateboarding and simply enjoying the beauty of Cape Town.

The picturesque Vygekraal River, which runs through the natural riverside park, plays an integral role in adding to the overall character and charm of Nantes Park, and forms part of a broader network of river greenbelts that serves the Athlone, Kewtown, Vanguard Estate and Heideveld communities.

The skateboard and BMX area is one of the most popular with local youth, as it helps keep them active and fit, and assists in preventing anti-social behaviour.

Nantes Park is one of five sites at which the City Parks Department hosted tree planting ceremonies in December 2013, to honour the late Nelson Mandela. The tree species planted include olive, assegai and ficus (spp), which symbolise Madiba’s qualities.

The City maintains the park with the help of the surrounding community, both of which are committed to providing surrounding residents with a clean, safe and beautiful environment.


Mosaic artwork
Vygekraal River

Pedestrian bridge
Skateboard and BMX area
Public ablution facilities
Tea room
Two play parks
Open-air amphitheatre
Outdoor gym
Exhibition area

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