Plan your route around quiet streets and interesting places. There are lots of great places to ride in and around the city. Being on a bicycle means that you can use cycle paths and traffic-free routes as well as the road network! Browse our Bike Map and Routes resources to find popular routes near you.

commuter-tips-route-planWHERE TO RIDE

When planning your route consider distance, traffic volume, road width/condition and terrain. Choose a route that suits your level of experience and preferred riding style (a fast paced commute or a lazy Sunday cruise). Browse our Bike Map and Routes resources to find the best routes near you from popular city and commuter routes to traffic free family-friendly routes. If you would like some help to planning your route, please give us a shout.

It is best to choose:

  • Quiet roads or roads with low speed limits. Some of these routes may be a bit longer but are much more pleasant and safer to ride.
  • Cycle paths and traffic-free routes
  • Parks and open spaces that allow cycling. These routes are traffic free and shared by walkers, cyclists and sometimes horse riders.

It is best to avoid:

  • Very busy roads or narrow, twisty roads without a yellow line (road shoulder).
  • In South African it is illegal to cycle on pedestrian-only pavementsfreeways (like the M3, M5, N1 and N2 in and near Cape Town), and roads which are specifically closed to bicycles.
  • High crime areas. Unfortunately robberies and hijackings of cyclists on urban roads and mountain trails are on the rise. Always check before hand if the route you are planning is flagged as a high crime area. When cycling in isolated or dangerous areas, travel with a group of cyclists to reduce the risk of crime. 

streetcode-on-streetLEARN YOUR COMMUTER ROUTE

Once you’ve planned your route, do a practice run on the weekend when the roads are quieter so you’ll be confident and less stressed on Monday morning.
Join one of our free urban bicycling group rides – it’s the perfect way to build confidence and learn quick, safe cycle routes in and around the city and suburbs. Plus the rides are a whole lot of fun, with pit stops for coffee too!

commuter-tips-groupRIDE WITH FRIENDS

Find friends, neighbors or co-workers who have a similar commute route and start riding together. Map your route and share it and  start or join a Bike Bus (group commute) in your area. Cycling in a group is social and fun and much safer than cycling alone. Motorists have an easier time spotting groups of cyclists and riding together reduces the risk crime.


If you’re planning to go on a long ride or riding alone, it’s a good idea to carry your emergency details with you and let someone know where you’re going (which route you will be taking and when you expect to be back). Carry identification, contact and medical aid details with you, if applicable. Programme the details of your next-of-kin into your cellphone under ICE (In Case of Emergency). That way of you are involved in a crash, someone will come looking for you.