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Bicycles Connecting Communities – Join the Bike Bus to Mitchells Plain

by Open Streets Cape Town.

For those riding the Cape Town Cycle Tour, distance might not seem a challenge. Indeed, the joy of riding around the beautiful peninsula makes it all not only bearable but highly exciting. It is an opportunity to experience our city differently and to ride with the freedom of car-free streets.

It would be amazing to have this opportunity more often, and City of Cape Town is supporting the development of an Open Streets network for precisely that reason – to afford an opportunity for people to cycle (skate and walk), safe from traffic. It has been a slow process, but we have ambitious dreams. We want to connect our different communities by maximising the power of the bicycle.

It is early days, and the routes are rather short and infrequent; so we have partnered with Bicycle Cape Town to bring people in ‘Bicycle Buses’ from different parts of the city. Bike Buses to Open Streets Days in Langa, Bellville and the CBD (Bree Street) have been a big success. We are ready to take them to the next level.

On 3rd April, we will be hosting Open Streets Mitchells Plain and would like to see the largest and best Bike Bus Cape Town has ever seen. It is our first time in that part of our city and a real opportunity to experience what it feels like to move around it differently.

In Cape Town, although distance and other spatial barriers do indeed keep us apart, it is our attitudes and beliefs that most successfully maintain the status quo. Getting on a bicycle and riding down what used to be known as Lansdowne Road with a bunch of other people might not be revolutionary, not even much of a physical challenge (the total distance is 26km), but it will be a concrete way to make inroads into one of the biggest challenges this city faces, human connection, by using one of society’s most valuable inventions: the bicycle!

Cycle with us to Open Streets Mitchells Plain – join the Bike Bus from City/Southern Suburbs and Muizenberg.

Find more information about the ride and route here or join the ride on Facebook.

Aerial Phillipi area
Aerial Phillipi area by Bruce Sutherland, City of Cape Town

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