CBD to Bellville Commute – 21.9 km

The recommended commuter route from the CBD to Bellville follows a mixture of dedicated cycle lanes and streets shared with traffic. While surprisingly easy –  fairly flat and straight, this route should be cycled very cautiously,  especially in the early morning and late afternoon when the traffic can be particularly heavy.

Download route from Strava to use on mobile/GPS


Leaving the CBD the route takes a few savvy short cuts through the quieter back streets of Zonnebloem, District Six and Woodstock to bring you out onto Albert Road and the new cycle lane. This green painted cycle lane begins at the intersection of Station Road (the Woodstock Exchange building) and runs along Albert Road all the way to Salt River circle. Be alert for cars parking or stopping in the cycle lanes (this is illegal and you can report the offenders to the City of Cape Town).

The route then continues over the traffic circle and into Voortrekker Road. There is no cycle lane on this part of the route and not much of a shoulder, but the roads are very wide (think, built for ox wagons!), cycle cautiously and be alert for parked or turning vehicles. Cycle safe and keep at least a meter from parked cars to avoid getting doored.


CBd Bellville Route

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