Seapoint to CBD Commute – 6.2km

This quick easy commute follows the cycleway along the Atlantic Seaboard from Seapoint to CBD. Most of the route is completely traffic free and flat! Pop into some of the city’s favorite bike friendly cafes and bicycle shops along the way for a morning pick-me-up or refuel.

Download route from Strava to use on mobile/GPS


The route starts at the Up Cycles bicycle Rental station at the Seapoint Pavilion. From here it follows the tarred cycleway along Beach Road which runs parallel to the Promenade. For a faster commute this is our recommended route as there are fewer pedestrians, and the route is more direct. If you have time and are prepared to go slowly the Promenade makes a nice alternative route (see the map).


At Three Anchor bay cross over Beach Road and follow the paved cycleway until the Seapoint Library, where it joins onto the traffic-free cycleway that runs from Seapoint through Greenpoint (along the Fan Walk) to the CBD.

The cycleway ends on this side of the road at Chiappini Street. Here you will need to cross over Sommerset road to connect into Waterkant Street cycleway. If the traffic is particulary busy you can do a quick detour around the block to bring you out a traffic light (which make crossing easier). Alternatively pull off and cross the road at the pedestrian crossing.


The cycle lane continues along Waterkant Street, though Prestwich Memorial and crossing over Buitengracht Street via a dedicated bicycle crossing.


From here the route continues down Waterkant Street cycleway connecting to the green cycle lane that runs along Bree Street. The Waterkant area has become a hub for bike friendly cafes and businesses (see the map), a worthy reward at the end of a challenging commute.
seapoint to cbd
Download route on Strava to use with GPS device. 

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