My City on Two Wheels

Working on Sport TV shows such as Wines 2 Whales and Xterra, local videographer Bryn North is no stranger to the world of cycling. Recently he and a friend, Kiril Dobrev, took advantage of a break in the winter weather to grab their cameras and explore Cape Town by bike. The result – a magical ode: My City On Two Wheels.

Bryn shared the inspiration behind the video and his experience of cycling in Cape Town.

Cape Town + my bicycle + my camera. These are 3 things I happen to enjoy, so I decided to go for a ride around Cape Town city bowl, and thought: why not take my camera for a few shots along the way and then put a little edit together? Winter is here in the Cape so when a rogue summer-like day pops up over the weekend it’s the best excuse to get outside. You don’t always have to travel far and wide for a little adventure when the city has so much to offer.

Cape Town is just so diverse. Our ride started on iconic Table Mountain with stunning views of the city below. Then we headed into the culturally rich area of Bokaap with its pebbled streets and wound our way through the markets and gardens of the city centre, making our way to a sunset along the promenade with crashing waves in the background. All this in a short ride around the city….can’t complain!

Growing up in Zimbabwe, you weren’t a cool kid if you didn’t ride your bike……everywhere. So I’ve always enjoyed being on two wheels. I ride my MTB as much as possible when I have free time, mostly in Tokai and Durbanville. My dream would be to have a great bike network for commuting around Cape Town, that enables me to cycle everywhere safely without worrying about some “Late Larry” rushing off to work and not seeing me.

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