Bike Friendly University of Cape Town

The University of Cape Town is forging ahead to promote sustainable transport to and from campus – encouraging more students to ditch their cars and go by bike. Initiatives like Jammie Bike (a bicycle rental project), better cycle infrastructure and cycle route maps are paving the way to a truly bicycle friendly campus.


This April UCT’s Properties and Services Department in conjunction with the Green Campus Initiative launched Jammie Bike – a bicycle rental scheme aimed to encourage those who do not have access to bicycles to rent them for travel to campus. Currently there are 200, 21-speed mountain bicycles available for rent annually at R1800 each (of which R800 is refundable). Find out more about renting a Jammie Bike.

Jammie bike


The UCT Properties and Services Department has been developing cycling infrastructure on Main Campus, including road markings, signage and bike parking. New cycle routes were chosen after intensive investigation of potential routes by specialist consultants, and with the participation of student and staff cyclists. The City of Cape Town was also consulted to ensure integration of the UCT routes with the City’s proposed non-motorised transport (NMT) plans (see proposed Class 3 route shown in red on the map), and the UCT cycle network was approved by the City officials.

The chosen routes (shown in green) provide access to lower, middle and upper campus and lead the cyclist on paths that are considered safest, with easier gradients and through pleasant environments. For the latest cycle route maps and description visit UCT website.



Bike parking racks will be installed in groups around the campus, especially at transport hubs, where bikes can be securely locked. These racks have been carefully selected for security and robustness, with aesthetic appearance a further consideration. Where the cyclist has less confidence or cannot manage the gradient, the bike can be left for the day at a secure bike parking station and the student can catch the Jammie to campus.

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