Metropolist Episode 10: Cycle City

Presented by Matt Griffiths and Rashiq Fataar, The Metropolist Show, is dedicated to exploring the people and stories that shape our cities. This week they look at Cape Town as a Cycle City.

Want to stop wasting your money on petrol? Want to beat the hours of traffic? Also want to stay in shape? The benefits of cycling in the city can’t be denied yet many of us are still too scared to take to the streets. But in cities like Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Cambridge cycling is the norm. How do we overcome the hurdles of making a city cycle friendly and encouraging citizens to get on a bike rather than into their car.

Today on the show we discuss cycling with our studio guests Andrew Wheeldon, Gareth Pearson and Dinika Govender. Andrew is the MD of the Bicycling Empowerment Network that encourages cycling and works towards cycling infrastructure. Gareth is part of Cape Town Bicycle Commuter, and an avid cyclist and Dinika recently did a “Cycling in the City” article with Future Cape Town.

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