Bicycles on Trains & Buses

Commuter life in Cape Town is transforming with the recent integration of bicycles and public transport services – Metrorail and MyCiTi bus!

This a positive step forward to promoting alternative carbon-friendly transport in the city. A mutually beneficial strategy that encourages more bicycling as well as more public transport use. The ability to combine these two modes of transport increases freedom of mobility – placing more destinations within reach of cyclists and enabling commuters to easily access public transit stops via bicycle instead of walking. For cyclists being able to take your bike on board provides a much needed alternative when faced with bad weather, long trips, difficult topography and gaps in the cycleway network. 

ON METRORAIL TRAINS | #bikesonboard

On the 5 April 2013, Metro Rail and RideYourCity’s launched #bikesonboard. This much anticipated project sees the creation of new regulations that allow for the transport of bikes on trains in Cape Town! Over the next few years, as train facilities improve, this pilot project is set to expand (with service hours extending and costs coming down).

Cyclists can take their bikes on Metro rail trains during off-peak hours (09h00- 15h00 and 19h00- until last train run), on weekdays and all day on the weekend. More info here.

R20 per bike for any one direction (in addition to your ticket price).

 ON MyCITI Buses

Bicycles are permitted on MyCiTi buses and are carried free of charge. The rules on bicycles include the following:

  • Customers transporting bicycles must keep them in the designated area provided for bicycles which is located next to the wheelchair area.
  • Customers transporting bicycles may only board if space is available in this area.
  • If no space is available for the bicycle, the customer must wait for a later bus with available space.
  • Bicycles may not be placed in a manner that blocks aisles, doors or emergency exits, or which impede movement in aisles or through doors and exits.

You need a Myconnect card to use the MyCiTi service. More details of MyCITI Routes and fequency schedules HERE.


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