Live This City and Love This City

Runner up to the ‘THiS iS HOW i ROLL’ Competition Pippa Dickson shares her thoughts on riding in the city –  a love affair of mountains, flowers and the freedom of two wheels.

For me riding my bicycle everyday is so many things. Yes, I feel great about myself not being in a car filling the air with fumes. Yes, I don’t have to sit in traffic and silently plot my lane switching to get that one “oh so important” extra car length in front of the person next to me. Yes, I don’t have drive around a parking lot three times before I can pop in to the shop to buy that one loaf of bread. Yes, I don’t have to sneakily try to get into my car and stealthily drive away before the car guard can catch me. Yes, the only time that my bicycle’s “fuel gage” looks a little empty is perhaps after a few tequila’s the night before. As much as all these things are incredibly good reasons for riding my bike, the real truth of it is that I ride to enjoy my city.

I love the poetic swerving around pedestrians on their daily mission to work along Somerset Road. I love the gamble of coming from Greenpoint into town and waiting with bated breath to see if the wind is howling or not. I love the city when it’s not. I love the view of the mountain as I ride past Prestwhich Memorial. Just a daily sneak peak of where I live. I love the feeling of scattering a group of pidgeons through the station’s square – unaggressively of course, just a little “Hello, lovely weather today isn’t it?” I love riding past the Adderly street flower sellers where the front row is dominated by every single kind of beautiful protea imaginable. I love passing all the setting up of stalls in Grand Parade where I see a real piece of Africa in the city – hair braiders, meilie sellers and the smell of fresh vetkoek. I love that I get to pass the my favourite building – the city hall and give it a little nod of “I think you are rad” everyday. This is why I roll by bicycle – to live my city and to love my city.

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