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Contested Spaces. Contested lines.

The first of a series of articles by urban designer, Kirsten Wilkins, spotlighting conversations and aspects of bicycle commuting that point to and frame the legacy of the May 25th Freedom Ride. A social ride interconnecting Cape Town in honor of Madiba. In this article she challenges cycle advocates to move beyond only applying ‘Copenhagenize’ […]


Bike Friendly University of Cape Town

The University of Cape Town is forging ahead to promote sustainable transport to and from campus – encouraging more students to ditch their cars and go by bike. Initiatives like Jammie Bike (a bicycle rental project), better cycle infrastructure and cycle route maps are paving the way to a truly bicycle friendly campus.


Missing Links

Missing Links is an initiative to identify gaps in the city’s cycle networks. It is specifically focused on connecting existing cycle infrastructure together to extend the network, ensuring that existing routes are used to their full potential. In this post we explore the Missing Link between Liesbeek River Trail cycle path and Leisbeek Park Rd. […]