Diep River/Plumstead to CBD Commute – 20km

The commuter route from Diep River/Plumstead to Cape Town CBD follows a mix of roads and traffic-free cycleways and marked cycle lanes along Liesbeek Parkway and Albert Road. While the route sticks to quieter roads where possible, there are sections that see heavy traffic in the mornings and late afternoon. At 20km this is one of the longer city commutes and you may consider catching the train back if it’s raining, or dark, or you just don’t feel up to riding back.

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The route starts in Diep River and bypasses busy Main Road by following the quieter streets of Waterford/ Cannon/ Dalegarth through the suburbs of Diep River and Plumstead. Just past Plumstead Station turn right into Southfield Roadand continue on until Rosmead Avenue. From here the route is more direct going through Wynberg, Kennilworth, Claremont and Rondebosch, along Rosmead Avenue, Belvedere and Milner Road. When you reach Rondebosch Common turn left into Park Road and then right onto Liesbeek Parkway.

At the Alma Road intersection, cross over Liesbeek Parkway and get onto Liesbeek cycleway which runs along the right hand side of the road (if the traffic is too heavy to cross the road safely, rather pull off and cross at the pedestrian crossing). The Liesbeek cycleway runs parallel to the main road and is car-free and pleasant to cycle.


At the intersection of Station Road, cross over onto the cycle lane running on the left carriageway of Liesbeek Parkway to join the new cycleway that runs from Station Road (Observatory) along Liesbeek Parkway and Malta Road.
The new cycleway continues along Liesbeek Parkway and Malta Road and connects to the Albert Road cycle lane at Salt River Circle.

Albert Road’s green painted cycle lane runs all the way to intersection of Station Road (the Woodstock Exchange building) and is a new connector between the Southern Suburbs and the city. When using the lane, always be alert for cars parking or stopping in the cycle lanes (this is illegal and you can report the offenders to the City of Cape Town). Follow our safe cycling tips and keep at least a meter from parked cars to avoid getting doored.

Start of the Albert Road cycle lane at Woodstock Exchange
Continue along Albert Road until till you reach Russell Street. Turn left into Russell St. and cycle under the overpass, heading right into Chapel Street. From here the route weaves through the quiet streets of District Six and Zonnebloem taking some savvy short cuts to bring you out to the CBD.


For your return trip either follow the same route back, or you can catch the train back to the Souther Suburbs. Please note that bicycles are only allowed on Metro rail trains during off-peak hours (09h00- 15h00 and 19h00- until last train run), on weekdays and all day on the weekend. View our Bikes & Transit guide to find out more about taking your bikes on board Metro rail and MyCiti Bus services.


Download route from Strava to use on mobile/GPS and view gradient maps.



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