Hacked – Cycling in a Skirt

We just love summer – the weather is fantastic for cycling! It’s also perfect weather for wearing skirts, but sometimes these two don’t mix well, especially when the wind is blowing!

The solution: Penny in Yo’ Pants! Created by an all girl team of CycleHackers from Glasgow, Penny in Yo’ Pants is an easy solution to making your skirt bikeable. Watch the video and discover how a coin and a rubber band can transform your skirt into a breeze-proof skort!


1. Find a penny (a 50c or R2 coin). Or you could use a pebble, a marble or other similar objects.
2. Find a rubber band. Better yet, use an old inner tube cut into rings. Super strong and super sustainable.
3. Now put on your favourite skirt.
4. Push the penny from the back to the front, through both layers. Watch our video if you need some extra help.
5. Form a button.
6. Wrap the band around the button so it’s secure.
7. Now and enjoy your new found freedom with your favourite skirt!

Penny in Yo’ Pants is created by Madeleine, Alec, Jo and Lucy at Cyclehack 2014 in Glasgow. Check out their website at pennyinyourpants.co.uk.

P.S. Keen to see how well this trick actually works, I just tried it with a 50c and a hairband and went for a spin around the neighborhood.  The verdict: No embarrassed blushing, it totally works!

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