BackTracker the 6th sense for cyclists

As cyclists, we know the joy of taking to the open road. We also know the dangers, and rear approaching vehicles represent the worst kind. We don’t always hear them approaching, and motorists are often blissfully unaware of cyclists.

Enter BackTracker – designed by team of engineers at iKubu (a workshop based in Stellenbosch, South Africa) this radar-powered device simply and smartly improves your visibility and awareness of what’s happening behind you – leaving you free to enjoy the road ahead.

Since its inception in 2010 Backtracker has gone from prototyping through to peloton trials, to arrive at a device that is set to change – and even save – the lives of cyclists everywhere. Combined with its slick design and easy to use interface BackTracker is set to become a must have component for every cyclist.



Backtracker is a two-part system, the front unit giving you the speed and distance of rear-approaching vehicles (from up to 140m away), and the back unit alerting motorists to your position via intelligent backlight system that has increasingly frequent light pulses.


Backtracker is a big step towards bringing cycling into the 21st century and needs your help to make it happen. You can now pre-order your Backtracker via the crowdfunding campaign on the Dragon Innovation platform. Not only will you be one of the first in the world to own this incredible device, but help the project continue to grow and reach more cyclists around the world.



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