CBD to University of Cape Town Commute – 11km

Need to get to classes between Michaelis Art School and University of Cape Town’s Upper campus? Why not go by bike – save some money and skip the parking hassles and traffic jams. Commuting by bike to the UCT has never been easier. UCT has recently installed new cycle infrastructure and started a dedicated bicycle rental scheme – Jammie Bike. Now you can cycle from the city centre or Observatory to UCT’s Upper Campus using a mixture of cycle lanes and recommended routes along shared roadways that connect into UCT’s new cycle network. This commuter route – a favourite of local students also uses some savvy shortcuts to bypass busy intersections and roads. Please note that no cycling is allowed on Government Ave. section. Please dismount and push through this area of the Company Gardens. 

Download route from Strava to use on mobile/GPS

Cycling along Albert Road cycle lane

Cycling along Liesbeek cycleway



Need a bike to ride to campus? for those of you who need a bike have a look at the new Jammie Bike rental scheme especially for UCT students. For those looking for more information about cycling at UCT contact the UCT Green Campus Initiative.


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