My Daily Commute to the City

Dillon Kin, (a #SuperCommuter prize winner) shares how a weekly ride turned into a daily commute, filled with vivid city-life experiences.

I love the freedom and fun of cycling. Going anywhere by car is faster but traffic is a nightmare. I decided to bike to work 1 at least once a week and it’s awesome. What started out as a weekly ride turned into a daily ride. I cycle from Milnerton to Kloof street. Cape Town has amazing cycle lanes so it’s a breeze to get to work. The city has it’s share of obstacles but that makes it that more fun. I feel like the hero from Premium Rush cruising and whipping through traffic on his fixed gear bike. No really. I bought a fuji feather fixie. It’s probably my favourite bike. So simple. So fun. The sights and sounds on a bike are different. You get to stop and chat with people. You get to smell the food and coffee along the way to work. Heck. You could even buy a bagel and coffee from Greenmarket square. There’s plenty of bike racks and parking throughout the city so it’s easy locking your bike up and strolling around.

I go everywhere on my bike these days. The waterfront. Gardens. Woodstock. The world is open now. One day I’ll cycle to Hout bay on my little fixie.


Dillon is a food and lifestyle blogger at iliveunderarock.co.za. Follow him on Twitter too.

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