This Bakery Wants to Deliver Health to Khayelitsha, on Bicycles

Meet Lufefe Nomjana.


Espinaca Innovations founder Lufefe Nomjana







This young businessman is on a mission to change the way people are eating in Khayelitsha, for the better. Nomjana is a 2012 graduate of the Raymond Ackerman Academy of Entrepreneurial Development, a joint venture between the University of Cape Town and the University of Johannesburg to provide entrepreneurship education to passionate young people who may lack access to a tertiary education. With his education in hand, Nomjana established his new bakery business in Khayelitsha—Espinaca Innovations.

Spinach Baking Glory

Spinach Baking Glory









Espinaca Innovations is a bakery that aims to be green. Nomjana creates baked goods that are enriched with spinach, often giving them a greenish hue. Nomjana decided to bake spinach products because the plant contains all six major classes of nutrients, and it is highly affordable. As long as Espinaca Innovations’ bread is competitively priced, Nomjana believes that the people in Khayelitsha will choose his bread over the inexpensive “government bread,” which is full of artificial preservatives and lacks the vital nutrients people need.

Delicious Espinaca Innovations spinach bread

Delicious Spinach Baked Goods










Despite being such a young business, Nomjana is working to expand quickly. His newest plan to improve Espinaca Innovations is a second green solution for this company. Nomjana has partnered with another new business on the South African scene, Thundafund. Thundafund is a crowdfunding platform for “creatives and innovators” in Africa. Through Espinaca Innovations’ own crowdfunding campaign, Nomjana intends to raise funds to purchase delivery bicycles. Nomjana understands the realities of deliveries in the crowded streets of Khayelitsha; purchasing a vehicle wouldn’t be efficient or economically practical for this young business. Instead, the bicycles Nomjana hopes to purchase will allow him to make deliveries and create a memorable image of Espinaca Innovations as those bicycles zip around neighborhoods. As his production increases, Nomjana hopes to be distributing Espinaca Innovations in other areas of Cape Town as well.


Check out Espinaca Innovations’ bicycle campaign on Thundafund here. More information about Espinaca Innovations can be found on their Facebook page. If you believe in Lufefe Nomjana’s mission to deliver healthy baked goods by bicycle, please consider backing his campaign (there are rewards!), sharing the campaign, and liking the Facebook page.

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