YBIKE Evolve – Making Balance Child’s Play

This is no ordinary tricycle! Designed by Cape Town based YBike, the Evolve is a cool, new 3-in-1 combination tricycle and balance bike. The Evolve is not only fun for kids to ride, it also accelerates their riding skills – teaching them pedaling and balancing very early on.

What makes the Evolve special is that it can be easily transformed into 3 different biking options (classic pedal tricycle, balance trike and balance bike) that allow children to learn pedalling, co-ordination and balance without the negative effects of training wheels. This will help them to make an easy progression to pedal bikes, without all the nasty scrapes and bruises. The Evolve also saves parents in having to spend money on new bikes as their kids grow up and out of their previous ride-ons.

YBIKE have just launched a crowdfunding campaign on SA’s very own crowdfunding platform Thundafund. Have a look at the awesome rewards they are offering to supporters (like limited edition balance bikes). Your contribution will help support the launch of the Evolve and spread the word about the importance of tricycles and balance bikes, in encouraging skills development in young kids.

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