How Amsterdam got its bike lanes

It is almost unbelievable to think that in the early 1970′s Amsterdam was a city dominated by cars! This video by Bicycle Dutch looks at the events – political and civil society actions and the forward thinking policies that have transformed Amsterdam (and the Netherlands for that matter) into one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world. Today over 60% of trips are made by bike in the inner city!

For a more in depth look at the politicians, organizations and campaigners who transformed the Netherlands into a bicycle -friendly nation, read this article by the London Cyclist Magazine.



Painting cycle lanes, Amsterdam 1980


“Road safety and mass cycling protests continued throughout the 1970s, given impetus by the energy crises, which put more pressure on the national government to improve facilities for sustainable transport. Regular car-free Sundays, a response to the oil shocks, reminded citizens of the pleasures to be had from city streets devoid of motor traffic”. LCC


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