Bicycle CPT is a community platform to promote bicycle culture in Cape Town and advocate a healthy, safe, cycling-friendly city for all. Let's transform the city together...

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    Join our community of cyclists from pros to recreational riders and bicycle commuters who are passionate about transforming Cape Town into a truly bicycle friendly city.

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    It's time to ditch the gas guzzler and have some freewheeling fun. Need some wheels or advice on commuting? Visit our RESOURCE CENTRE for everything from used bikes to tire changing tips ;)

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    Explore Cape Town's network of bicycle friendly venues, shops, cycling routes, bicycle events and rides. You will find them all on our interactive CITY GUIDE.

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  • Albert Road NMT Project Update

    The Albert Road NMT project is currently in the tender process (10 April 2014). Construction should begin early May. Find out more about the final design for the new cycle lanes that will run along Albert Road from Liesbeeck Parkway to Station Road, Woodstock.

  • Less Car More Go

    Less Car More Go is a crowd-sourced documentary film that takes a fascinating look at the past, present and future of the cargo bike movement. Globally cargo bike culture is exploding with people using cargo bikes for everything from delivering bread to taking the kids to school.

  • Missing Links

    Missing Links is an initiative to identify gaps in the city’s cycle networks. It is specifically focused on connecting existing cycle infrastructure together to extend the network, ensuring that existing routes are used to their full potential. In this post we explore the Missing Link between Liesbeek River Trail cycle path and Leisbeek Park Rd. cycleway.

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A guide to the latest urban bicycle fashion wear, accessories and uber cool bicycles; and where to find them is SA. Look out for special promotions for Bicycle Cape Town members.

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